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I’m John Eagle, a Bengal breeder-enthusiast who has been improving and caring for the breed for more than 15 years now. During my years of caring for the Bengal breed, I was able to gather an extensive and comprehensive amount of information about the exotic cat breed. As one of the many Bengal lovers in the world, it is a personal mission of mine to make sure that every single Bengal cat is well taken care of, adopted or acquired from a reputable breeder. This is why I decided to share everything that I know about them, absolutely free.

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  • Discover the valuable points to consider before actually buying a Bengal cat or kitten.
  • Get valuable tips on how to choose that healthy Bengal kitten.
  • Find out what are the vital consequences if you don’t sterilize your Bengal.
  • Grasp the main behavioral problems of Bengals and how you could possible resolve them.
  • Find out how you should properly introduce your Bengal cat into your home.
  • Understand how you should battle Bengal cat obesity.
  • Learn the basic components of an ideal Bengal nutrition.
  • Know how to adopt a Bengal from a rescue center.
  • Explore the steps on how to maintain good hygiene for your Bengal.
  • Discover the accurate steps in properly toilet training your Bengal.
  • Know all the common health problems that affect Bengal cats and kittens.
  • Find out how to teach your Bengal cat very impressive tricks.
  • And so much more!!!

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