How Much Does a Bengal Cat Cost?

Since the Bengal cat is a rare breed, it is expected that you have to pay an expensive price. It actually depends on the quality of a Bengal cat that you want. If you are getting your cat from a reputable breeder you will be offered 3 types of a Bengal cat. The first type is a Bengal cat of breeding quality. This is the most expensive type since they represent the top notch of their breed and correspond to all the strict standards that various cat associations set. Expect to pay anywhere from 1500 USD to 5000 USD for this type of a Bengal cat. However unless you want to establish a cattery most of you don’t need to consider buying this type of cat.

The other two types of Bengal cats that you can purchase from breeders are more suitable for ordinary cat lovers. You can purchase either a show type Bengal cat for around 1500 USD (and up) or ordinary pet quality Bengal for which you can expect to pay anywhere from 500 USD to 1000 USD. The difference between the two as you have probably guessed is the quality. The show quality Bengals conform to all the standards of the breed and are fit to participate in various cat shows and exhibitions held by the cat associations. The difference between the show quality and the breeder quality is that the show quality Bengals come sterilized and so they can’t participate in breeding programs.

The pet quality Bengals are just excellent pets that don’t conform to all the standards. It doesn’t mean that they are ugly or have some real issues – usually it is that they have some odd spot here and there or some other irregularity in their color. Otherwise they are the same Bengal cats as show quality or breeding quality cats.

If you really want to own a Bengal cat but don’t have the money to purchase a kitten from a breeder then you can always consider adopting a Bengal cat from your local pet rescue. There are usually some issues to deal with but if you are stubborn enough and love pets then they are all overcomable.

Here are some considerations if you want to buy a Bengal cat from a breeder:

  • The Bengal cat price that breeders have covers their expenses until the day you take your cat home. It includes some of the screening and basic vaccinations that the Bengal should have before it leaves the cattery.
  • Bengal cat price depends on the breeder and the quality of the cat itself:
    • A breeding quality Bengal cat cost around 1500 and up to 5000 USD
    • Show quality Bengal cat has a price of around 1,500 up to about 3,000 USD.
    • A pet quality Bengal cat has a price between 500 and 1000 USD.
  • Make sure that you have also funds for the following: toys, carrier, bed, supplements, vet care, micro-chipping, registration, food, scratching posts, sterilization, and insurance – expect to pay for all of this anywhere from 200 and up to 600 USD.


On the other hand, here are some things to take note of if you want to adopt a Bengal:

  • You could turn to Bengal cat rescue organizations and adopt one at a much affordable price. Check out your local Bengal rescue center for more details. The people who handle these rescue centers devote themselves into providing rehabilitation and new homes for neglected or maltreated Bengals.
  • In order for you to get your Bengal cat, all you have to do is comply to the credentials of an adoptive Bengal parent and pay the small price of an adoption fee.
  • You can also give donations for the cause.

Whether you get your Bengal from a breeder or from a rescue center, the one thing that you should remember is the great responsibility that you bear when you introduce this breed into your life. You should know enough about the breed to enable you to cater to its every need.

Generally, it isn’t about how much you pay in order to have a Bengal cat of your own. It is how you could make the experience very pleasant for both you and your cat. Bengal cats are very special cats. For the Bengal cat, you are the immediate refuge. No matter what it goes through in its life with you, your Bengal will always see you as the warm blanket it could snuggle to during the coldest nights.

Getting all the feline love from your Bengal cat is worth more than any price that you pay. The breed is a very sociable, intelligent, and active companion to have around your home. The Bengal cat has an expensive price but having it as a part of your family is one of the best decisions that anyone could make.

If you are ready to purchase a Bengal cat and start looking after it or would like to find out more information about this breed you can read this great ebook about Bengal cats.

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Author: John Eagle

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