Some Facts About Bengal Cats

The house cat has always made its way into every habitat in every conceivable living condition. It is a very adaptive and assertive species that never failed to win the hearts of the people they live with. Various breeds of domestic cats made its way to every corner of the world, enabling man to have the pleasure of caressing the tiger. These days, the most coveted domestic felines are the Bengal.

Bengal cats slowly made its way to various household environments all over the world because of the dedicated efforts of geneticists and breeders. They never gave up in bringing out the best Bengal cats for your indoor lifestyle. Here are some outstanding characteristics that these felines possess:

  • Dog-like - For Bengal cat lovers, the best homely cats are Bengal cats. Domestic Bengal cats are described as dog-like cats. They are highly trainable and very curious. Bengal cats could perform some dog tricks like “roll-over”, “lay down”, and “which hand”. This makes for great pride and entertainment especially in front of dog owners. Curiosity is one of the distinctive qualities of the cat per se but in Bengal cats, it is a level higher. They love to prowl and patrol around your home rather than sleep all day.
  • Strong affinity to water – Bengal cats also love water. They totally love splashing and running water from the tub or faucet. Domestic Bengal cats are even known to jump in the shower ahead of their owners. They would rather drink from a fountain than from a boring drinking bowl. This breed also loves to paw at things floating on or submerged in water. If you have a fish in a fishbowl, you could expect your Bengal to dip its paws into the water to try and catch the fish.

You should also take not of the following considerations in caring for Bengal cats:

  • Overall health – All domestic cats are prone to common feline health problems and Bengal cats are of no exception. Make sure that you have a regular medical check-up schedule with your veterinarian so that the health or your Bengal is constantly ensured.
  • Nutrition – The Bengal cats in a particular cattery also require a steady healthy diet when it becomes part of your domestic life. This is to make sure that they are not deprived of the nutrients that they need to completely develop. When the Bengals maintain that healthy immune system, then it should be very easy for them to adapt to their new homes when they leave the cattery.
  • Behavior and Training – It is only common for some behavioral problems to occasionally arise when you handle Bengals. When these glitches occur, you should always be ready to correct them. Training your Bengal could really help you prevent these behavioral problems. Doing do is also a very effective way of strengthening your bond with your Bengal. Always having a full stock of treats will help you during your training sessions. Some say that it is more effective to conduct training when you know that your Bengal is hungry—usually in the afternoon or in the morning. Some tricks that you may find fascinating to teach your Bengal cat are “name calling”, “sit, “lay down”, “roll-over”, and “guessing which hand”.

You can acquire a Bengal cat of your own through a reputable breeder or through a rescue center or organization. If it is through a breeder, expect to pay more. If you are willing to adopt a rehabilitated Bengal that is saved from abuse and neglect, then you should visit your nearest Bengal rescue center. It is a more affordable way of getting a Bengal of your own because all you have to do is pay for the adoption fee.

If you really want to have loving, loyal domestic companions, then having the Bengal cats are the perfect choice for you. Just make sure that you give them all the care and attention that they need. Surely, you can’t go wrong with the unconditional love that these wonderful felines will always give you, anywhere you go, at any given time of the day.

Author: John Eagle

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